Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Updating ...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2010

Very Merry Christmas to everyone!

Have been in HTA for 2 weeks and is going to be third week. Days have been good in HTA. I enjoy the training and things I had learn in there. However I could not post the details over here as it will be an offense to leak out official acts.

This weekend I had spent time eating MOS Burger, Pepperlunch, and Claypot rice. Watching movies such as Meet the Parents, Gulliver's Travels and Tron Legacy. Yesterday suppose to eat out but the rain just stop the planned activities.

Next week when I book out, will be coming to the end of 2010.

Let me wish everyone, Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Starting Full-time career in 5 days- Very excited

Sorry to anyone that is reading this blog, have been quite a while without any updates at all.
Have been really enjoying all this while after my attachment. First i work heavily before i quit GVJP. Then I have been enjoying going to the gym, swim, watching movies, spending time at home and of course with all my dearest friends, brothers and my family.

Feeling very anxious for my future as I know I have entered a new path of my life. I am also very excited as my dreams are drawing nearer, to buy a house, to allow my parents to work lesser and have more time to rest. I am really happy that all these can be fulfilled as long as I do not make any offense and pass my SPF training at HTA.

I can start to imagine of having my own room finally! You all must be wondering it is impossible for a 21 years old boy still do not have a room to himself but sadly it is true I still do not have a room to myself.
I will have a room with a bed that is at least enough for me to make 3 turns, with a television not too big or not too small, with a Playstaion3 console, with a fridge to put my wines, chocolates and etc, with a very well design display shelf that will be able to put my staffs, with air-con and super cooling fan, with a neat wardrobe and of course a working table with enough space to put a computer desktop.

I think it is very late already for me to dream all this coming true, going to sleep soon.

All the Best & Takecare ->PAU YUEN, will be sending him to Tekong in 8 hours time.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why cant they do something?

Found this interesting poster with this quote and I like it!

It is always the same, reach home and saw clothes not washed, plates that left for 1-5 days also can leave there unattended. I can understand the tiredness of dad and mum. But I really do not understand how come my Sis and Bro never help out at all. Sis maybe just care more about her religion and Bro maybe just still young. I am lazy at times but I hardly see them helping out. Not even like washing their own clothes that they wear or their own plates that they have used. I really scare one day I will really feel tired and leave them out by going out living alone. Not because I do not want my family but just need the two young one to understand.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A funny kid...

Today met a kid at my counter.

He wore those kind of thick spectacles with a blur and scare look coming to my counter and said " Can I have tissue paper" then he run back to his abacus class.

A while later he come out and then he say "Can I have liquid paper".

I immediately broke into small laughter and ask him, "You tell me to take tissue paper de hor".

Then he just luagh and run back to his abacus class.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Disappointment ...

Just on MSN, my cousin told me that i borrow money from his mum? But I never did it at all. So I wonder what happen maybe just another person call Ah-Xiang. Then after talking more to him I find out that is my brother that go borrow from his mum. I do not know if my brother use my name to borrow from his mum a not, if he did that I will be super disappointed and hurt la...
Just few days back, I went to took money out from credit account to borrow him $100 and now he go borrow money from my cousin's mun? I really do not understand a 15 year old boy can spend much more than me when I still got to pay my own bills, my bike's expenditure and he just got to eat, transport, play and study. Is not about the money that I am sad, is that I am super worry for him. I really scare he get cheated or bullied outside. But he just do not want to speak to me.. Sometimes I feel that I had never been a good brother la...actually I really not good enough la.. really hope to get to full-time job as soon as possible. So that he will know that I have more money to let him have a life and not go borrow from my cousin. So many disappointment in life, here is another one. Can someone delight my life a little bit more?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Feeling sleepy, and the rain double it!

Today, I ever felt like wanting to sleep so much. Only if every workplace got a sleeping area, I will be the super regular customer la!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy as the COW

Look at this picture of the cow, Even cow can be so happy! Why cant we?

Hahahaha yesterday night went to sing Kbox with Jenere and Wilson have lots of fun singing and drinking. I always believe singing or even shouting can help to keep your stress away and defintely the next day will be a fresh start.

Today one of my collegue come back from eygpt holiday. She bought a key-chain for everyone of us. She share her experience with us, and hopefully someday I could also go and vist the ancient histroy.